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Book Launch - “Folk Tales of the Cosmos”


There is a lot of excitement and activity about the launch of Janet’s new book- Folk Tales of the Cosmos.

Do try to join her at some of the events!

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The book and reviews

History Press article – Stories about Starry Nights


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Launch Events

You are invited to a FREE LIVE Book Launch event for “Folk Tales of the Cosmos” by Janet Dowling.

 Monday 9th October 14:00 – 15:00 GMT  at the Sidmouth Science Festival, Cellar Bar, Kennaway House, Coburg Road, EX10 8NG.

Janet will be talking and telling tales about “Whose constellation is it anyway?” which is the main theme of her collection of star stories from many cultures.  These are adult themed and not suitable for children.

There may also be starry cakes ( definitely not suitable for children.) 

Winston’s Books will have books available for purchase and there will be time for a signing session! 

The interpretative dance comparing the 19th-century depiction of  the Pleiades  with a possible 25,000 year old depiction in a cave painting.

Join Janet Dowling for the FREE ONLINE Launch of her new book- “Folk Tales of the Cosmos.“

Tuesday 17th October 2023   19:30 – 21:00 GMT

Open doors at 19:00 

FREE but please register using the button below to get the zoom link.

Above your head are 88 constellations defined by the International Astronomical Union in 1924. Did you know forty-eight derive from the Ancient Greeks and between them they tell five of the major Greeks myths! Other cultures have different stories for the same star constellations

In this launch Janet asks the questions “Whose constellation is it anyway?”  as she explores the different stories from across the world attributed to one Star Asterism – the Pleiades. On the way she highlights some of the issues about cultural appropriation as well as the variety of tales told around the world- Same Stars , Different Stories. 

And these are just a small proportion of the stories available in “Folk Tales of the Cosmos.” Illustrations by Vicky Jocher, Published by the History Press 5th October.