Janet Tells Stories


Devon Ghost Tales

Illustrated by Vicky Jocher

Published by History Press Oct 2018 

Winner of the “Storytelling World” Award for Best Collection 2020



THESE spooky ghost tales from one of Britain’s most ancient counties are vividly retold by local storyteller Janet Dowling. Their origins lost in the oral tradition, these stories are as eerie and mysterious as the windswept moorland, wild shorelines and rugged landscapes from which they derive. Here you will find stories of a voice beyond the grave, a ghost on the pivot between heaven and hell, and the spectres of Viking princes on moonlit roads. Richly illustrated by Vicky Jocher with original drawings, these atmospheric tales are perfect for reading aloud in front of a roaring fire or alone under the covers on dark, stormy nights.

These are the back stories of the local Ghost tales- sometimes from a few words in an old church magazine, some told again and again, and some told for the first time.  

DEVON HP ghost v2


“Not only does Janet Dowling have a good nose for a brilliant story, she’s also adept at spinning ‘the whole jigsaw puzzle’ from a few pieces when the need arises. Her respect for the spirit and setting of each story is tangible: you get the feeling she has hollowed herself out and let the story come through as it sees fit – each story a ghost in its own right. A beautifully balanced and pitch-perfect collection, this is for all fans of the eerie, uncanny and the downright spooky. Highly recommended.”
Janet Talbot, author of The Faerie Thorn

Thoroughly enjoyed this book, the stories are varied and draw you in to the world behind the ghost stories. Looking forward to reading more from this author. Found the stories chilling, and they stayed with you I found myself pondering on them long after I put the book down.
Margaret E.  from Amazon 

Extract from Devon Life Magazine