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Folk Tales of the Cosmos – stories of the night sky from different cultures.

A compelling collection of folk tales of the night sky.

Discover the Greek myths that are laid before you in the stars. Explore the folk tales of other cultures that have their own stories of the stars to guide the ancients in planting, navigating, and knowing when the beasts migrate across the plains. Start your own adventure to answer the question, ‘Whose constellation is it anyway?’

Devon Ghost Tales

Illustrated by Vicky Jocher – Published by History Press Oct 2018. Winner of the “Storytelling World” Award for Best Collection 2020. http://storytellingworld.com/2020/

Surrey Folk Tales

Illustrated by Lawrence Heath

Published by History Press Jun 2013.

Surrey’s landscape, shaped by the Devil’s mischief and the whims of dancing Pharisees, is home to a wealth of tales…