Storytelling in Schools

Storytelling Apprentice – Orality into Literacy

For working in schools.

Over six weeks, one morning a week, we focus on developing oral storytelling skills that can then feed into writing stories. The activities can be linked to a theme like bullying, transition etc.

An example of this work is in Surrey Serendipity Storytelling Project in Schools (PDF) which was evaluated as part of an Arts Lottery Grant.

Comments from primary school pupils

  • I liked it because we made ourselves more confident.
  • It was so fun to learn how to tell storytelling and learn more stories from them.
  • I liked it when we went to Epsom school and heard the big boys tell stories
  • I liked that I was thinking for myself and improving my imagination

Comment from primary school teacher on storytelling skills

  • The children had the opportunity to work with each other and develop skills that have not really been taught before. The children learnt lots of different stories that had meaning and were appropriate to their age and interests. Watching Janet the children were inspired to become better and more expressive.

Comment from primary school teacher on addressing transition issues

  • Got the children thinking and relating their own concerns within a wider context; enabled children to talk openly about concerns / worries in a less personal way – through King Arthur

Comment from primary school teachers on how they will use storytelling in the school

  • This was a big impetus to the whole of year 6 to set up storytelling sessions, and we will be continuing with this. It was exciting to be part of this project .
  • Have used the picture storyboard as a planning tool for children’s own stories. Will refer back to the sessions and the issues that were raised for King Arthur as a way of engaging children in the PSHE work that we will undertake in the Summer Term connected to them moving on to secondary school.