Creative Approaches to Client Support

These are stand alone workshops for people who want to explore some creative approaches to supporting their clients and who want to know What do you do? When do you use it? What happens if … Suitable for those who are new to these approaches, AND those who have had some experience and want to explore further. This will be an opportunity to refresh, practice, discuss and get feedback on how you can apply it. Most can be done as a 3 hour workshop, but some benefit from being a full day workshop where you get more practical experience to apply it.

For health and social care workers, people in the voluntary sector, carers and anyone else who is supporting people, and feel they need more creative options.

1. That’s a good question!

(NB This can be done as a taster session, or a full day workshop)

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to say, or how to help a client get out of being stuck. There is a structured questioning process, known as Clean Language, which can help both you and your client begin to look at things in a different way. This workshop looks at a simple formulation which is a useful tool.

2. Drawing a family tree/genogram.

A tool for establishing the family link, and patterns in the family. Useful for making an initial assessment, and for reviewing with the client.

3. Using buttons and objects to explore family issues related to bereavement

Exploring relationships in families can be bewildering. Using buttons and or other objects can help to bring the family into the room, and allow the person to represent the family members, as well as representing different facets of their life.

4. Role play and imagination

Sometimes clients feel the need to have conversations with deceased loved ones, or maybe with other members of the family, but can’t bring themselves to address this. By using role play these conversations can be facilitated. This sessions shares some ground rules, and ways to approach it, as well as the importance of de-roleing.

5. Creative writing, journaling and use of readings and poems

A different way for clients to express themselves, but also to have a record of how they felt, plus examples of using readings and poems to support clients.

6. Use of storytelling and metaphor to facilitate clients

(NB This can be done as a taster session, or a full day workshop)

Sometimes the client in need finds it difficult to express themselves. Using a story can be a way to engage them in talking about their feelings without being under pressure, or to explore new possibilities. Sometimes clients bring their own metaphors about their feeling- it feels like a brick in my belly – how to explore that in a sensitive way.