Creating Change with Story

Using Storytelling as a Therapeutic Tool (one day)

Many things happen when you listen to stories. You may find meaning in it as a metaphor for your own experience. a

You may identify with the trials and tribulations that the hero or heroine encounters, and can emotionally connect with their struggle. Exploring the ways that the characters respond to the difficulties can make a big difference to how you perceive your own experiences, and even change how you experience your own struggle. And it’s less threatening than directly challenging one’s own situation.

Crafting or hearing your own story told back to you, as a mythic story can also change your perspective, and help you explore alternatives without the stress .

This workshop is for people working with clients under stress. You may be health and social care staff, faith workers, bereavement volunteers and hospice workers, Relate volunteers, etc or storytellers wanting to be aware of the impact of stories.

The workshop focuses on:

  • the mythic structure of a tale
  • why it works
  • how it is related to learning theory and attachment theory
  • how this becomes a story of hope and resilience
  • how to create and craft a story appropriate for your client

We will explore:

  • the use of a traditional folk tale,
  • making up a story to match the client need,
  • retelling the clients own story as a fairy tale,
  • and enabling the client to retell their own story

Comments from people who have attended this workshop

“A very useful and interesting way of helping people to be able to speak about their emotions throughout the telling and listening of a story. Very useful tool.”

“Very good structure, excellent delivery, very professional.”

“Janet was brilliant. She showed how through storytelling and open questions we can meet clients where they are emotionally.”

“Really powerful session: very experienced and professional facilitator. Helpful tools, interactive.”