Everybody has stories to tell. I run workshops to help children and adults realise their potential as storytellers with practical experience of listening, memory and telling techniques. I have now helped hundreds of adults and children go from quivering wrecks to rise up as a confident storyteller

Half day, full day and multi-day programmes can be provided for the beginner to develop the initial skills to be able to learn and tell their stories, or for the more experienced storyteller to develop specific aspects of their storytelling skill.

These can be done completely on an oral basis without the pressure of being good at writing.

The Storyteller Apprentice workshops are suitable for either adults or children. They run for a morning or an afternoon a week, for 6 weeks. They learn the basic skills of story structure, storyboarding, vocal skills, and performance skills. Experience shows that participants gain confidence in both creating and speaking skills, and in past groups teachers have found that even the quietest member of class joins in enthusiastically!

I also runs workshops on how to develop therapeutic storytelling skills, and in particular storytelling in the care of the bereaved. These have been successfully run with Cruse and other bereavement groups, and she is often asked to present workshops at conferences.