Talks & Tales

I am always interested in the background to stories, how they came to be, and how they link to similar and different stories. Based upon my extensive research and repertoire of stories, I integrate stories into talks.

These have been featured at places as diverse as the University of Chichester Fairy and Folk Tale Lectures series, the Folklore Society Tradition and Legends weekends, Sidmouth Folk Week (who on their website for 2014 said We welcome the return of Janet Dowling and her popular talks and tales), the Women’s Institute as well as a business women’s meeting in the City of London.

These are aimed at an adult audience and not suitable for under 14 year olds.

They can be delivered as performance, lecture or even as an after dinner talk!

  • Naming the Green Man of the Medieval Church – stories and scholarship based on her essay that won the Folklore Society McDowall Award in 2010
  • Healing Words: storytelling as a pathway to peace – experiences in Israel and Palestine using storytelling to bring communities together more
  • Sex, lies and videotape: the Brothers Grimm Experience – How they cleaned up the stories, and what Disney did next!
  • Fierce and fearless – women’s role in traditional stories, where they don’t need rescuing
  • Tales that Shakespeare knew – traditional tales that Shakespeare used in his plays
  • From King Lear to Cinderella – tracing the path of the glass slipper, an incestuous father, and some magical bones
  • The Secret Life of Red Riding Hood – the different forms and varieties of Red Riding Hood- from the cautionary tale in the woods to the boudoirs of the Sun King, and the odd werewolf!
  • I had a dream – How the Pedlar of Swaffham links to the Arabian Nights, passages in the Koran, and other dreams of an interesting nature
  • When Bluebeard met Mr Fox – How mass murderers have featured in folk tales and deemed to be suitable stories for the nursery