Stories for Performance

Stories are one of the first ways that we learn, teach, and enjoy ourselves. They can make the impossible possible, transport you anywhere, and around the corner you may meet ANYTHING.

Locations for performance telling include museums, galleries, community centres, festivals, libraries, art centres, theatres, literary events/festivals, cultural centres, gardens, parks, historical buildings, etc., etc.

My repertoire is always growing and changing, but here is a selection of my current shows. I can also develop programmes to meet your needs and special interests. Programmes can be tailored to a wide range of subjects and audience ages, including themed stories, stories for adults, multi-cultural stories, stories in support of community development projects, stories relating to historical buildings or even as an after dinner speaker to entertain your guests after a good meal and a few drinks!

Each Storytelling performance lasts between 45 to 90 minutes.

Adult Only

  • Hold Up Death! – tales of Death from around the world
  • No Damsels in Distress need apply! – women who don’t mess about and know their own minds!
  • Pure Grimm Tales – as they were originally present in the first edition of Grimm’s fairy tales- before the sex got taken out, and the violence hyped up.
  • Tales before the Mouse: tales you may be familiar with from popular films, but where the originals are quite different!

All Ages

The content will be adapted to suit the age of the audience.

  • Tales from the British Isles – Stories that reflect our diverse history, culture and geography, including tales of King Arthur and other historical characters
  • Tales from Many Cultures – either from one continent or a selection from across the world with a focus on celebrating diversity
  • Fearless Girls and Wise Women – girls and women who go on adventures, get into scraps, and don’t need rescuing!
  • Ghost Stories – as scary as you like
  • Tales of Ancient Myth – Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Roman – including the popular Egyptian Day of the Dead workshop – Egyptian tales with a journey into the afterlife
  • Tales of the Surrey Landscape – traditional tales and stories from my home county (from my book Surrey Folk Tales)
  • The True Story of Cecil Sharp and Mary Neal – one for the Morris Dancers!
  • Curious Tales of the Middle Ages – tales from the collection of Sabine Baring-Gould
  • Martin Tupper’s glorious tale of Stephan Langton, and how the Magna Carta came to be – how one of the architects of the Magna Carta was motivated by Prince John’s attempt to despoil his fianc√©, and his rise from being just common lad to become the Archbishop of Canterbury.