Stories for Mental Health Promotion

I have had over twenty years’ experience as a psychiatric social worker working with adults and children. I am well qualified to develop a programme to meet the specific needs for mental health promotion in your establishment. I have a MA in Children’s Literature where she looked at how mental illness was represented in Children’s Literature and in traditional folk tales. I have contributed an article to the Book Trust website on current representation of mental illness in Children’s Literature. I am currently taking an MA in Creative Writing, and exploring how writing and creating their own story can enable people to raise their self-esteem and confidence.

In addition I have looked at depression in Harry Potter, and how that can be used to support children and young people with mental health problems.

I can develop programmes to promote mental health in schools and other environments using folk tales and children’s literature.

I also runs workshops on how to develop therapeutic storytelling skills, and in particular storytelling in the care of the bereaved. These have been successfully run with Cruse and other bereavement groups, and am often asked to present workshops at conferences.