Stories for Children

I tell a variety of stories from around the world to children in schools, libraries and hospitals. In addition to telling stories in an educational environment in support of the National Curriculum, I can tailor programmes to improve speaking, listening and memory skills as well as developing children’s confidence in society.

Listening to and retelling stories is ideal for the development of these vital skills and can be used in many subject areas. I have an MA in Children’s Literature, and currently (2014-2015) I am completing an MA in Creative Writing.

I can develop interactive and participative programmes of stories to complement the themes being explored – for example water, trees, insects, justice, bullying etc.. Other themes could include the Tales of Shakespeare or the retellings of the classic myths and legends of the Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Celts etc., or retellings of other myths, legends and stories from around the world to celebrate diversity.

I give workshops on storytelling and creative writing with children that start on an oral basis so that they learn how to make a story and then learn how to tell it. Helping them to develop self-confidence and self-esteem, without the pressure of being good at writing. When they know the story they are trying to create – then they can write it down. Or sometimes just keep it for the spoken word.

I have also worked in hospitals with children recovering from brain injury, telling them stories and helping them create their own stories.

I aim for all programmes to be interesting, inspiring, interactive, participative, educational and entertaining and can dovetail with the Talk into Writing and the Storytelling Schools initiatives.